Diffuser Care and Key Warnings

Kenshi is a “social enterprise” and that means purchasing this diffuser has directly funded pasta / rice for someone who really needs support right now. Every month we purchase the food and deliver it directly to many food charities around Australia. Visit our website to see which charities have benefited and the amount of food received.

We all want the world to be more equitable but can’t justify spending our hard-earned money on inferior products! To create the greatest social impact we knew the diffusers had to be large, last a minimum of 3 months but average 5 depending on if you use all the sticks. With approximately double the industry average of fragrance oil we are very confident you will find your Kenshi Diffuser to be of fantastic quality and value.

Why are there so many fibre sticks?

When researching how to create the highest quality diffuser we realised there were a number of challenges as people have varying expectations and different sensitivity to smell. The most common complaints were;

  1. After a short period of time, I could hardly smell any fragrance.
  2. It only lasted a few months.
  3. The fragrance was too strong.
  4. I disliked throwing out the jar every time I purchased a new diffuser.

It became obvious that we needed to provide additional fibre sticks so that our clients could have much more control of the “fragrance throw” their Kenshi Diffuser created.

How to manage your diffuser fragrance load and longevity?

1. To achieve maximum fragrance throw, place all the fibre sticks in the jar and be sure to rotate 2-3 times a week (especially if the fibre stick appears dry).

2. If your desire is to have a subtle fragrance or increase the lifespan, place half of the fibre sticks and rotate at longer intervals.

3. Replace sticks if your fragrance throw diminishes even after rotating them regularly as they can become clogged over time due to the oil or dust.

4. Our diffusers contain no alcohol and only the highest quality fragrance oil and will last much longer than “standard retail diffusers”!

How do I use my diffuser for the first time?

We recommend soaking one end of your fibre sticks in the fragrance oil for approximately 30 mins and then flipping the sticks around.


  • Avoid any contact with eyes, skin or clothing. If contact does occur, rinse the affected area immediately and seek medical attention if required.
  • Spillages of the oil may result in damage to surfaces.
  • If ingested seek medical attention.
  • Keep out of reach from children and pets at all times.